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5 Gr8 Programmer Cartoons from Around the World

"bite my shiny metal..."

The time has come for yet another batch of Programmer Cartoons similar to the previous posts that can be found here and here.  I once again avoided using xkcd or dilbert and that is no easy feat.  Please feel free to share or leave a comment below if you enjoy these.

1. DevOps Russian Roulette

DevOps Russian Roulette

2. Yum

Reverse Polish Sausage

3. Relax, It's A Beautiful Day

Programming with Bob Ross

4. A Classic Code Review

A Classic Code Review

5. It's a Worldwide Community

Programmers Giving Back

So, what do you think? Are these better or worse then the previous collections I have shared? If you have and comments or cartoons that you love please leave a comment below!

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