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The Best Coffee Roasters for Chemex Brewing A Top 10ish list from my experience.


For those of us that are (or are becoming) coffee snobs you know that finding a coffee roaster that consistently provides quality roasted whole-bean coffee can be a challenge.  A great coffee for Chemex brewing can make the difference between a great morning and a disappointing one.  For those of us who use a pour-over method at home it is almost impossible to trust online recommendations and Google is particularly weak and being able to provide guidance. My goal with this Post is to provide a running list of the highest quality roasters I have used along with which roasters to avoid. At home I use a Chemex coffee maker, and filters, a Capresso Infinity burr grinder, and a Hario pour-over kettle. Please note, these are my personal opinions and do not necessarily reflect on the roasters themselves.

The Great Roasters for Chemex

So, lets get into our list.  All of the roasters below I have found to be exceptional in terms of roast, single origin options that rotate with the coffee seasons, and overall quality.   I will keep these updated whenever I discover a new source of great coffee. The Top Coffee Roaster

  1. Intelligentsia Coffee - Intelligentsia is one of the premier coffee roasters I have found.  Though there have been coffees that have not been my favorites, they have always provided a consistent roast that is timely and never over-roasted.  The only down-side to this roaster is that if you don't have a local source the shipping charges can be expensive.
  2. Bows and Arrows - Another great roaster with a lot of single origin options.  They also have subscriptions which help mitigate the cost of shipping (I think).
  3. Toby's Estate - I have found Toby's Estate coffee to be great, especially when the Kenyan coffees come around.  There is a small window when these coffees are in-season but I consistently go back to Toby's.

The Eh Roasters for Chemex

Here's a list of roasters that I found to be below the status of 'The Great'.  This doesn't mean that they are bad, just that I didn't find them as good.

  1. Sagebrush Coffee - Sagebrush offered a nice website, reasonable shipping and the orders are supposed to be roasted when you order.  That all sounds great but I found the coffee to be over roasted and taste stale.  This could be that I ordered a Kenyan coffee that was out-of-season though.

Recommended Roasters that I Need to Try

The following Roasters have been recommended by the awesome people of Reddit r/coffee.  I have not tried them yet but I will...

Heart, Coava, Verve, Sightglass, Temple, RitualCounter Culture, StumptownGeorge Howell Coffee


I will try to keep this list updated as I find new coffee roasters that are excellent. Usually, I find these roasters through my local coffee shop.  Recently, this coffee shop, called Volta, was named as the 22nd best coffee shop in the United States!  Their guidance, information, and overall reliability has been nothing but exemplary.  I get the office coffee every day and everything from their espresso, cold-brewed iced black coffee, hand-poured single origins coffees, to their food is great. Best Coffee Roasters for Chemex

If you find roasters that you love please let me know!  You can leave a comment below and I will surely try out any suggestions.  Having a great selection of coffees at my house is always a top priority. Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. I’m mainly a Chemex coffee guy and I highly highly recommend velton’s treehouse blend, and red bird coffee’s espresso blend